Click   here   to purchase the book. It is also available at JKP Books, Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Click here to purchase the book. It is also available at JKP Books, Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Release Date - March 21, 2018
Published by Jessica KIngsley Publishers

A useful, compassionate resource that will provide clear strategies along with creative activities to help you through your grief.

This is a practical guide to help readers work through their grief via expressive therapies and activities, based on the techniques Claudia Coenen honed as a professional counselor after the unexpected loss of her husband.

This book provides clear methods to process grief, experience its pain and learn how to live fully again. Readers are encouraged to completely engage with their grief through storytelling, self-care and ritual, and honest reflection. The book guides you through the healing process while allowing for the freedom to explore pain in a way that best fits their unique situation. Eschewing the idea of a 'quick-fix' to grief, it suggests ways in which tragedy and loss can be a springboard for rejuvenation and transformation.


This heart-opening book blends personal story, awareness, insight, and practices that soften and transform grief over time in a most intimate way. Claudia Coenen inspires us to respect our own grieving process and gives us hope that we can move through these difficult times. I felt her caring presence through her writing as though she were sitting next to me holding my hand and supporting my journey. I recommend this book to anyone who is grieving and the people who support them.

Nancy Mangano Rowe, Ph.D. – Professor of Psychology, Sofia University


This is an important book, and it was my pleasure and honor to endorse it.

They say if you're going through hell, keep going. Claudia Coenen is a wise and compassionate guide through the hell of deep loss, a place she knows well. Shattered by Grief offers compelling personal story, helpful advice, and kind companionship for navigating the grief journey. Highly recommended.

Cait Johnson, MFA, Author, Counselor and Creativity Coach


In Shattered by Grief, Coenen journeys through the unknown “why’s” and “how’s” of her husband’s untimely death. She navigates these trails with profound authenticity and practical empowerment. She finds ways to be in grief’s gaping holes, and to gather its shattered pieces of life and living. Daring to face grief head on, Coenen transforms her holes of loss into moments of healing and wholeness. Coenen reshapes grief’s sharp, shattered pieces into a more fluid, life-giving peace—first for herself and family, and now for others as professional counselor and guide.

Dr. Joy Berger, author, Music of the Soul – Composing Life Out of Loss.