about me

Claudia Coenen, CGC, FT, MTP Photo: Clint Mickel

Claudia Coenen, CGC, FT, MTP Photo: Clint Mickel


My work springs from this central question:

How can life events help us transform into better, more compassionate and connected humans?  How can we approach each day, each relationship, with awareness and love? 

How can we feel whole again? How can we go on?

When my husband died suddenly in May 2005, I used every resource - journaling, poetry, crafts, dancing and moving meditation. In 2008, I entered graduate school to learn grief theory and counseling. I studied humanistic psychology and developed methods to deal with the trauma of personal loss.

As a writer, musician, dancer, choreographer, mother, teacher, innovator and a chef, I've spent my life exploring creativity and spirituality. This has taught me skills to deal with difficulty and has led to greater understanding of relationships. Performance art has enabled me to connect with people, to spontaneously gather information by responding to body language and other subtle forms of communication. Parenting and world travel gives me insight so that I can listen and respond more effectively to clients.

My approach is transpersonal, which is a holistic approach with equal emphasis to physical, emotional, cognitive, relational and spiritual health, synthesizing all aspects of our Selves, making us more than the sum of our parts. This holistic view is uniquely compatible with grief work. 

I am a Fellow in Thanatology which is an advanced certification, demonstrating expertise and knowledge in the field of death, dying and bereavement. I also hold an Advanced Grief Counseling Certificate. I am experienced in pre-bereavement, issues of coping with cancer and other serious illnesses and have worked with families to help them accept the death of their loved one and work through the challenges of grief. My experience in Hospice gave me the opportunity to work with people of all ages and cultures, providing innovative programming and compassionate support.

Our life experiences provide us with skills and resources that come to our aid in times of tragedy and struggle. Let me help you discover how you can help yourself travel through your grief, rediscovering your essential wholeness. 


Association for Death Education and Counseling  * International Expressive Art Therapy Association
Association of Transpersonal Psychology * American Psychological Association           Hudson Valley Trauma Clinicians