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Grieving takes time. We must go through it, rather than around it. We will need compassion, nurturing and understanding. You will need time to feel and accept what has happened. You will need to tell your story, perhaps over and over.  If you like, we can explore your story in different ways.  

My personal experience with grief informs my work.  I know first-hand what this feels like and I have worked on healing myself, using a variety of techniques.  By actively listening, I can assist you in discovering your own pathway back to yourself.  By helping you tap into your own creativity and personal forms of expression, I will support your process of healing.

If you are open to it, we can process some of your emotions through non-verbal means by writing, reframing your story, drawing and coloring, collage and movement.  We don't have to do this, but these possibilities are available to you.  Grieving is well suited to creative expression, because pain, despair, anger and sorrow need an outlet. All forms of expression can be helpful to finding a way to live fully after someone we love has died.

There are many questions that come up. 
The common ones are:

Who am I now?

How do I go on?

Will I ever feel whole again?

How can I keep my loved one alive in my memories?

You have inner strengths that can help you right now, even though it probably doesn't feel like it.  I can help you by listening, offering companionship as you begin your grief journey.  We will establish a warm atmosphere in which to share, to play and to express the full range of emotion in order to process the loss and move towards wholeness. In addition, we will explore the relationship to your loved one and find ways to honor and continue to relate to him/her even though they are gone.