The Karuna Cards

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The Karuna Cards are available again!  Get your deck today at Oblong Books and Music in Rhinebeck & Millerton, NY, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The Karuna Cards are a set of 52 prompt cards that offer creative ideas and activities for grief and other difficult life transitions. The Karuna Cards encourage journaling, storytelling, collage and other ways to express grief and cope with troubling circumstances.

The cards can help you explore your inner world, release emotions and consider the gifts within relationships. The cards help you craft new personal stories, that shape the way you view your life. They also include ways to decompress, connect with nature and simple meditations to quell anxiety.

Use the Karuna Cards alone, or use them with family members, friends or in counseling sessions. Come back and write a review on the JKP page!


Karuna Cards are like love letters to the Self that can be read out of order: questions and gentle suggestions to awaken the mourner's senses,  inspire poetry, works of art, and loving words, full of promise and hope.

~ Nancy Gershman, developer of "Dreamscaping"

It is such a relief to be given some structure, indeed, even some instruction, in things to do, some ways to access and move some of the encapsulated grief from deep inside to some glimmer of release...these short, seemingly simple yet actually profound exercises are just enough to do without giving rise to "oh, I couldn't possibly take time to _____________." But on the contrary, these little suggestions are eminently doable, that my response tends to be, "why yes, I've got the time."

~A grieving grandmother


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