Transformative Creativity

Taking a creative approach to working through grief and transitions does not require a lot of tools.  Getting out of bed in the morning and making yourself a cup of tea can be viewed as a creative act.  Taking baby steps along the Journey towards healing is a creative act.  Self-nurturing, compassionate presence and remembrance all require a certain amount of creativity.

As you begin to envision the shape your life will take after loss, the creative process could offer new ways of thinking and feeling. These possibilities are available in our work together, if you wish to engage in them.

Creative expression connects us to our inner world, and is a conduit between intuition, intellect and understanding. The act of pouring one's thoughts out onto a page in the form of a poem distills emotion; drawing how one feels can clarify it.  In grief work, journaling and writing, energy drawing and collage can become pathways towards healing, ways of expressing and honoring relationships.

Creative play can open the heart, so wounded after loss. Movement work, storytelling, walking meditations, imagery and dreams - these various modes can help you integrate and release emotion. 

I would be happy to walk beside you as a companion and guide, to stimulate and support your discoveries.